Cybersecurity Issues

As technology advances at an accelerated pace due in large part because people themselves do so, oftentimes without even realizing what impact these changes may have first-, there has been a corresponding rise not only among consumers but also within companies regarding concerns surrounding security measures being taken against cybercriminals who would steal intellectual property or other sensitive material through hacking attacks.

Cybersecurity One Of Today’s Top Priorities For Businesses

As data becomes more valuable, organizations are struggling to protect it. A company’s most precious asset is the information they have on their customers and employees that impacts them financially as well as legally.


All the Ways Cloud Computing Can Be Used: A List of Benefits and Uses

There are many ways that cloud computing can be used, including: Banking and finance: Financial firms increasingly store data in the clouds to avoid expensive on-premise solutions Healthcare: Hospitals may use virtualization capabilities provided by providers of cloud services for more efficient management systems or remote monitoring equipment; physicians also find these technologies useful because …

What is the difference between cloud and AWS?

The cloud is a service that provides scalable and robust computing to users. AWS, or Amazon Web Services offers this same functionality in an easy-to-use interface through its internet infrastructure technology known as “AWS.” The two terms are often used interchangeably because they provide many of the same features but focus on different aspects depending …